50/50: a movie review

What an awesome movie about cancer. It’s more of a buddy movie, but still, well done on the cancer stuff guys.

I love Seth Rogen. I love everything he’s in. I love the central character he usually plays. I love Seth Rogan so much that sometimes I think that part of the reason I started to hang out with Robin so much is that he vaguely reminds me of Seth Rogan.

Okay, if you look at pictures of Robin and Seth Rogan, they don’t look alike. Especially since Seth has hair. But they’re both big luggy type guys. And funny. And there’s something in the voice too. Maybe it’s just because they are both from British Columbia.

Anyway, back to the movie. Really funny. Tearjerker at times but in a good way. Love Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s characters. I thought they were both played brilliantly. And Angelica Huston as the mom is awesomeness. She really nailed that character.

Just a really awesome movie all around with something for everyone. Except dads. They might not be so into it. But people generally ignore them anyway. I’m sure they’re used to it. Dads can go do something else while the movie is playing. Maybe go out to the garage. Saw something. They know what to do.


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Author of How to Start in Stand-Up Comedy: A Guide to Becoming a Comedian in Toronto. I perform stand-up comedy throughout North America and have appeared in film, radio and television.

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